OIT – A life-changing treatment

Pediatric Allergist, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Marietta, Georgia


OIT – A life-changing treatment

written by Heather B.


IMG_1824My daughter Zoe started OIT for peanut in July 2015. She was 6 years old and had a level 6 peanut allergy. Dr. Agrawal was so patient and kind making her and us feel comfortable every step of the way. I was very nervous for her to start OIT but my anxiety over her allergy was increasing, especially at school.

We found out about OIT through a friend who had also started peanut OIT with Dr. Agrawal. She stayed on the first dose for almost a month because of hives but after that it has been smooth. She is now in maintenance 11 months later and the freedom we have gained is invaluable! Zoe can now sit with her friends at lunch, eat kit-kat’s, and have m&m’s! Things that were impossible a year ago. This has been a life changer for her and I’m forever grateful for all the staff and for Dr. A at Freedom Allergy. Anytime I had a concern I could easily reach out to him and he responded almost immediately. I’ve never met a doctor who cares about patients as much as he does. We are looking forward to our final peanut challenge next year and graduating OIT!


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